The Complete Confidence book contains the process, the knowledge and insights I use in my coaching.

Path to success
This book delivers what you need for sustained, self-directed progress to a confident you. Simple concepts, small shifts, expert tools and guidance, all combining to create a successful path to finding your truly confidence and effective self.

Christie A Fisher Director, Microsoft

Make fear your partner
Puts into words how to embrace and see the positive qualities of fear therefore seeing it as a friend to guide you to your next level of brilliance. A must read for all whether you are a performer, business person or sports person.

Lisa Venables, Alexander Technique Teacher

Joy to read
This book tackles something dear to our hearts: the call to live our lives to the full, with confidence. The pages are packed with practical wisdom and the words are presented in an accessible style that makes a joy to read and a gift to treasure.

Veronica Ellis, Artist and Owner, Nature’s Grace

A clear, easy to read book which filled my mental tool bag with accessible skills to manage my own confidence. I’ve used the methods on everything from work presentation anxiety to driving abroad!

What Cathy Sirett does in her book, Complete Confidence, is bring a calm clarity to the topic. Her ideas are deep in understanding but also easy to relate to.. Her examples are engaging, and the manner of writing is light and positive, while carrying a very important message, with techniques easy to apply to life. The book is like a wander through a garden, a progressive, logical path to a place you want to be, written in an easy conversational tone. Recommended without reservation, this book is an affirmational method of uncovering the best within us.”

Anna Blake, Horse Advocate and Author